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    Remote Starters & Car Alarms

    Want to upgrade to remote start or add additional security to your vehicle? Mickey Shorr has you covered. Call us TODAY and trust the professionals for expert installation to save you time and effort.

    *We may offer a solutions for vehicles with factory security systems may require additional interface such as T-harnesses and hardwired connections.

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    Directed Electronics 7111T

    Directed Electronics 7111T Replacement Remote



    Viper 7116V

    Viper 7116V Value 1-Button 1-Way Remote



    Valet 474T

    Directed Electronics 4-Button Replacement Remote



    Viper 7146V

    Viper 7146V 1-Way Plus Remote



    Viper 7145V

    Viper 7145V Keyfob Transmitter



    Viper 7153V

    Viper 1-Way SuperCode Remote



    Viper 7856V

    Viper 7856V LED 2-Way Remote



    Viper D9146V

    Viper Remote Keyless System



    Viper D9116V

    Viper Remote Keyless System



    Directed Electronics DS4SU

    Viper Directed DS4 Security Upgrade Kit



    Viper 7211V

    Viper 7211V 1-Button 2-Way Remote



    Viper 7816V

    Viper 7816V 1-Button 2-Way Remote



    Viper 7857V

    Viper 7857V LED 2-Way Remote



    Avital 3100L

    Avital 1-Way Remote Start System



    Viper D9816V

    Viper 2-Way 1-Button Add-On Remote Package



    Viper D9857V

    Viper Remote Keyless System



    Viper 7345V

    Viper 7345V Keyfob Transmitter



    Viper DS4VB

    Viper Vehicle Remote Start Module



    Viper 7756V

    Viper 7756V Premium LCD 2-Way Remote



    Viper 3105V

    Viper Enhanced 1-Way Security System



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